Fabulous pirate Asuka. Her hair looks amazing!

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Kaworu - Kotobukiya 1/6 figure

Me and Kaworu went outside this afternoon for a photoshoot. It was absolutely heavenly staring at this sweet angel :3

I squealed the first time I saw this. It amused my friend so much, lol.

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Swordsmiths forge “Spear of Longinus” from Evangelion anime

The replica of “Spear of Longinus” that appeared in “Neon Genesis Evangelion” anime has been forged. The sword/spear remained faithful in looks to the original and measures 3.3 m (over 10 feet).

The sword display will be available to the public from July 2012 at the Bizen Osafune Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture Museum of swords (Osafune). The former township of Osafune is best known as the home of some of the most skilled swordsmiths in Japanese history.

The Evangelion exhibit will run from July 14 to September 17. The same museum hosted an exhibit with the weapons and armor from the Sengoku Basara game last summer, and 20,000 visitors (mostly young people) visited.

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well then

Holy crap that is so cool!

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Photographed my Megahouse GEM Kaworu with Eva Unit 06 in the background. Pretty happy with how my lighting set up worked out!

I realise I have a thing for pilot suits.

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Kaworu Nagisa wanting to bring happiness to Shinji

Yesssss, bring ALL THE HAPPINESS


Tsurumaki: Kaworu’s line stayed the same from the very first storyboard. It was something he said while wearing his usual relaxed smile. Of course, at the last minute, just, I think, before we started postsynchronization, we began talking about whether or not it would be better if Kaworu looked scary during that scene.

Interviewer: As a result, it looks like he’s come to take his bride by force!

Tsurumaki: Right, right (laughing). [We thought it would be] more interesting if Kaworu looked like [he was thinking]: “You’ve been with a woman while I’ve been away? How dare you…!” It’s not Kaworu’s usual relaxed expression; he’s somehow become irritated, right?

—Kazuya Tsurumaki, Evangelion 2.0 Complete Records Collection (Director of Neon Genesis Evangelion & Rebuild of Evangelion) Translation by 1731298478 on

Pray, pray, Shinji, that Rebuild Kaworu has anime Kaworu’s characterization and that it’s not manga Kaworu descending from the heavens, impaling things with his lance, with a “Bitch, I know you did not cheat on me!” look on his face.