So many layers, just duplicating and duplicating each until I got the lighting I wanted. I’m just glad the guitar was easy to shade. Can’t say the same about it’s lineart, though.

I’m happy with the way it turned out, but I still question whether the guitar is the correct size. First time actually drawing a guitar, if you couldn’t tell.

Anyway, what do you guys think?

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Recycling a 5 year old drawing…but yeah… happy easter lovely followers :)

Really old Gaara & Naruto gif edit I made. XD


It’s throwback thursday. Remember when I made my Naruto sim pregnant and freaked out thousands of vanilla plebes?


It has been around 7 years since I started making GaaNaru Sims2 videos. It was a lot of fun back then because there was so many mods and expansions to play with!

I’m sort of tempted to try Sims 3 again, I got it on launch and it was pretty meh because there was no mods/skins out in comparison to Sims2. But now that I could make households full of anime characters, Sims3 seems more appealing!

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scavenger by ~chyldea, the artist also has a tumblr.

Remember to credit the artist when posting someone else’s work. Good tools for finding out who the artist is if you don’t know, include:


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