メガホビ2014SPRING (by たいちょう@みかん)

Yukio is on his way to me in the mail, I can’t wait to put him beside Rin!

(via Blue Exorcist 1/8 scale GEM Series PVC figure statue - Okumura Yukio - Tamarket)

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Rin Okumura ~ Blue Exorcist

I mentioned I got my Megahouse GEM version of Rin Okumura recently. So I went and took my own photo of him

I got my one of these yesterday, he’s so awesome!

(via Blue Exorcist 1/8 scale GEM Series PVC figure statue - Okumura Rin - Tamarket)

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Photographed my Megahouse GEM Kaworu with Eva Unit 06 in the background. Pretty happy with how my lighting set up worked out!

And here are the crack shots XD

You can see my totally pro photography setup. With the paper still on the floor in the background from when I opened the parcel last night… and using the parcel box to prop up my reflector. :P

The heads from the Zero GEM figure don’t actually fit on Emperor Lelouch but you can balance the Zero helmet easily enough.

And of course my precious Ranma kitty came to “help” me as he always does. Cute little rascal. It totally looked like he was bowing before Lelouch, hahaha.

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Lelouch shows his moe face to Zero (Suzaku) and they live happily ever after ;_;

Emperor poutyface arrived yesterday. Ahhhhh he’s gorgeous!


Suzaku, Lelouch and more Code Geass figures - More here

I aim to own all of these! So far I have Zero, Emperor Lelouch is pre-ordered and will have to wait until Suzaku pre-orders go up :3

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